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We cater to podcast brands that aim for excellence and not just acceptable. Let us help you take back your time so you can continue creating high-quality content that inspires!

What Makes Us


Always on a mission to learn and improve, we’re driven to create the kind of output that stands the test of time.

Composed of a small team of experts (four core members to be exact)—we have a shared vision of helping produce the best-sounding podcasts on the web.

Seems like a lofty goal? Not so much when we break it down to one podcast at a time. 😉 

How Our Production Process Works

From recording your episode to publish-ready audio—we got you covered!


Our process starts with you recording your episode. You send us the file and then we get to editing the raw files.

Noise levels are reduced, custom processing is applied, and filler words, as well as dead air, are removed. 

We then add the background music as well as your intro, and outro. What you get is a publish-ready episode ready for your audience to listen to!


Exacting Standards,

Consistent Results

The thing we pride ourselves is our standards. Our dedicated audio team ensures that each podcast episode has a clear, polished sound that sound amazing no matter where or how you recorded it.

When you work with us, you’re essentially guaranteeing your audience an amazing listening experience that keeps them tuning in—episode after episode.

Get publish-ready episodes done for you—just hit record and leave the rest to us!

Don’t sweat the little stuff when you can let us handle the dirty work. Do what you do best and worry less when it comes to your podcast production!

Our Team

Check out TPG’s core team!

Each of our team members is professionally trained and is a verified expert in their respective roles.


Founder & Lead Audio Engineer


Lead Mixing Engineer


Marketing Director & Co-Founder


Podcast Producer

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